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My Journey to Islam

"Priests & Preachers Coming to Islam?"


    Cat Stevens, Former Pop star


 Priests and Preachers Enter Islam 




 Scientist From Czech Republic Converts To Islam
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 Abdullah - From Hinduism to Islam


Shahid - Journey From Christianity



 Jerome Claire

How I Wrestled My Way To Islam














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Preservation of the Quran

Musab ibn Umayr
Musab ibn Umayr Musab ibn Umayr was born and grew up in the lap of affluence and luxury. His rich parents lavished a great deal of care and attention…

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Heraclius' Investigation on Muhammad

Heraclius' Investigation on Muhammad*What Was the Outcome?  Muslim scholars have discussed different ways to consider the claim of prophethood of Muhammad (peace be upon him). There are hundreds of scholars who wrote numerous books devoted to this subject.Some mentioned Muhammad's miracles, especially the miracle of the Qur'an, as proof of his prophethood. Others pointed to the prophecies of previous prophets about his coming… Read more

What They Have Said about Muhammad

What They Have Said about Muhammad (part 1 of 3)During the centuries of the Crusades, all sorts of slanders were invented against the Prophet Muhammad, may God praise him.  With the birth of the modern age, however, marked with religious tolerance and freedom of thought, there has been a great change in the approach of Western authors in their delineation of his life and character.  The views of some non-Muslim scholars regarding Prophet… Read more

The Tolerance of the Prophet towards Other Religions

The Tolerance of the Prophet towards Other Religions (part 1 of 2): To Each Their Own ReligionThe dealings of the Prophet, may God praise him, with other religions can best be described in the verse of the Quran:“To you be your religion, to me be mine.”The Arabian Peninsula during the time of the Prophet was a region in which various faiths were present.  There were Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, polytheists, and others not affiliated with… Read more

The Forgiveness of Muhammad Shown to Non-Muslims

The Forgiveness of Muhammad Shown to Non-Muslims (part 1 of 2)The Prophet Muhammad, may God praise him, was described as a “Mercy for all the Worlds”, as God said in the Quran:“We have sent you as a mercy for all the worlds.”The recipients of this quality were not limited to just the Muslim nation, but it also extended to non-Muslims, some of who spent all their effort trying to harm the Prophet and his mission.  This mercy and forgiveness… Read more

An Enemy becomes a Friend

An Enemy becomes a FriendIn the sixth year after the hijrah (the migration to Medina), the Prophet, may God praise him, decided to expand the scope of his mission.  He sent eight letters to rulers in the Arabian Peninsula and surrounding areas inviting them to Islam.  One of these rulers was Thumamah ibn Uthal.Thumamah ibn Uthal al-Hanafi was one of the most powerful Arab rulers in pre-Quranic times.  This is not surprising since he… Read more

The Prophet and Children

The Prophet and Children  Description: An all round role model, he was respected by leaders, emulated by his followers, and surprisingly, loved and cherished by children.Prophet Muhammad, may God send His praises upon him, was an extraordinary husband, a perfect father, and a unique grandfather.  He was unique in every way.  He treated his children and grandchildren with great compassion and never neglected to direct them to the straight… Read more

“Who Will Save You from Me Now?”

“Who Will Save You from Me Now?”  Description: An example of how a great leader dealt with those who showed him enmity.There was a small community in an isolated area.  Weak and defenseless, the people of this community lived in fear and anxiety, because they were being relentlessly attacked by a gang of bandits.We can scarcely imagine their fear.  It is the fear of a helpless person in the face of a strong and merciless abuser. … Read more

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