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My Journey to Islam

"Priests & Preachers Coming to Islam?"


    Cat Stevens, Former Pop star


 Priests and Preachers Enter Islam 




 Scientist From Czech Republic Converts To Islam
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 Abdullah - From Hinduism to Islam


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How I Wrestled My Way To Islam














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Abdullah Ibn Sailam
Abdullah Ibn Sailam Al-Husayn ibn Sailam was a Jewish rabbi in Yathrib who was widely respected and honoured by the people of the city even by those who…

The Seven Earths

The United Colors of Islam

Al-Nasiyah (front of the head)

A Messenger to Entire Humanity



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The Malice of Lying

The Malice of LyingLying is a common part of human relationships.  People lie for a variety of reasons.  They may lie as part of self-presentation, in order to present a more favorable image to others.  People may also lie in order to minimize conflict, because lying may make disagreements less obvious.  Although lying may serve useful functions in these respects, it can also be damaging to relationships.  An exposed lie… Read more


Modesty (part 1 of 3): An OverviewModesty and shyness play a special part between the affairs of the Creator and the created.  All prophets and Messengers encouraged modesty, as the Prophet, may God praise him, said:“Indeed from the teachings of the first prophets which has reached you is, ‘If you do not have shyness, then do as you please.” (Al-Bukhari)Modesty as a sense of shame or shyness in human beings is a shrinking of the soul from… Read more

Humane Treatment of Animals

Humane Treatment of AnimalsGod, the Creator of human beings and animals, has made animals subservient to us.  We depend on animals for the food we eat and the milk we drink.  We bring animals into our homes for love and companionship.  We survive critical illness and live longer because of biomedical research on animals.  We visit to zoos and aquariums to gain an appreciation for the spectacular diversity of life on earth. … Read more

Justice in Islam

Justice in IslamThe Meaning of JusticeIn the Islamic worldview, justice denotes placing something in its rightful place.  It also means giving others equal treatment.  In Islam, justice is also a moral virtue and an attribute of human personality, as it is in the Western tradition.  Justice is close to equality in the sense that it creates a state of equilibrium in the distribution of rights and duties, but they are not identical. … Read more

The Virtue of Truthfulness

The Virtue of Truthfulness (part 1 of 2):The Status and Reward of Truthfulness“O you who believe!  Have fear of God, and be among the truthful.” (Quran 9:119)Ask the average person to define truthfulness and the answer will most likely be restricted to something about truthful speech.  Islam, however, teaches that truthfulness is far more than having an honest tongue.  In Islam, truthfulness is the conformity of the outer with… Read more

Visiting the Sick

Visiting the Sick (part 1 of 2)      Islam invites to all that is good and warns from all that is bad.  From those good and virtuous deeds is the visiting of the ill and afflicted.  When people visit each other in good health, bonds of brotherhood and friendship are strengthened.  How then when people visit each other in times of sickness and poor or failing health?  Illustrating the empathy that Muslims… Read more

How Do Muslims Treat the Elderly?

How Do Muslims Treat the Elderly?In the Islamic world, one rarely finds “old people’s homes.”  The strain of caring for one’s parents in this most difficult time of their lives is considered an honor and a blessing and an opportunity for great spiritual growth.  In Islam, it is not enough that we only pray for our parents, but we should act with limitless compassion, remembering that when we were helpless children, they preferred… Read more


Altruism   Altruism, selfless acts done for another’s benefit in spite of oneself, is a humanitarian endeavor praised by all societies.  Practically every nation on earth has stories of great kings, brave warriors and noble men and women who sacrificed their material possessions, status or even themselves for some or other common good.  Yet, it is without any reservation or hesitation whatsoever that we can point to the religion… Read more

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