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My Journey to Islam

"Priests & Preachers Coming to Islam?"


    Cat Stevens, Former Pop star


 Priests and Preachers Enter Islam 




 Scientist From Czech Republic Converts To Islam
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 Abdullah - From Hinduism to Islam


Shahid - Journey From Christianity



 Jerome Claire

How I Wrestled My Way To Islam














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Righteousness and Sin (part 2 of 2): Sin and Human Conscience
Righteousness and Sin (part 2 of 2): Sin and Human Conscience  Description: Clinging to righteousness and avoiding sin is not just about worshipping…

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Welcome To The Big Questions Who Made Us ? Description: Islamic answers to the first of some of the “Big Questions” in…

Muhammad’s Biography (part 1 of 12): The Conditions of Arabia Prior to Prophecy

(And Allah Will Protect You from People)
(And Allah Will Protect You from People) The call of the Messenger (Peace be upon him) to Islam provoked the polytheists and aroused their rage.…

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Allah does it mean"GOD" ?

Allah does it mean"GOD" ?   In fact "Allah" is the perfect word to describe the "One God" of monotheism.Where Does the word"Allah"Come From?"Allah"comes from the Arabic word"elah"- (Arabic) means 'a god' or something that is worshipped. This word (elah) can be made plural, as in "aleha" and it can be male or female. "Allah" comes from "elaha" but it brings more clarification and understanding. Allah=Has no gender (not male and not female)*… Read more

Who is Allah?

Who is Allah?Description: Do Muslims worship the same God as the Jews and Christians?  What does the word Allah mean?  Is Allah the Moon-god? Some of the biggest misconceptions that many non-Muslims have about Islam have to do with the word “Allah.”  For various reasons, many people have come to believe that Muslims worship a different God than Christians and Jews.  This is totally false, since “Allah” is simply the… Read more

Can We See God

Can We See God?The human mind is a true marvel, but in certain areas it is limited.  God is different from anything the human mind can think of or imagine, so the mind will become confused if it tries to picture God.  Nevertheless, it is possible to understand the attributes of God that do not require one to make any mental pictures of Him.  For example, one of God’s names is al-Ghaffar, which means He forgives all sins.  Everyone… Read more

The Concept of God in Islam

  The Concept of God in Islam (part 1 of 2): A Unique Concept  Description: An overview of some concepts which Islam holds about God which truly make it unique. It is a known fact that every language has one or more terms that are used to refer to God and sometimes to lesser deities at the same time.  This is not the case with Allah.  Allah is the personal name of the One true God.  Nothing else can be called Allah. … Read more

An Explanation of the Attributes of Allah

An Explanation of the Attributes of AllahIt is not possible to perfectly translate the names and attributes of Allah from their original Arabic into English. However, here are some fairly close explanations.   AllahAllah is the Name of the Lord, the Exalted. It is said that Allah is the Greatest Name of Allah, because it is referred to when describing Allah by the various attributes.Who is AllahFirst of all, it is important to note that… Read more

Whom Must We Worship

Whom Must We WorshipPrepared byDr. Saleh As-SalehThe submission of man to His Creator is the essence of Islam. The name “Islam” is chosen by God (Allah) and not by man. It is the same unifying Message revealed to all the Prophets and Messengers by Allah and which they spread amongst their respective nations. In its Final form it was revealed to Muhammad (Peace & Mercy of Allah be upon him) as a complete Message to whole mankind. The Lord,… Read more

An Invitation to Worship the Only True God and Creator of the Whole Universe

An Invitation to Worship the Only True God and Creator of the Whole Universe(Especially for Non-Muslim Readers)  By Dr. Norlain Dindang Mababaya    Allâh I(Subhanahu wa ta’ala, meaning: the Glorious and the Exalted) is the only God and Creator of the whole universe who Alone deserves true worship. Although Allah Ihas all the power to guide the whole mankind to worship Him, He I makes freedom of religion as one of… Read more

The meaning of belief in Allaah

The meaning of belief in God "Allah" Praise be to Allaah. Faith in Allaah means believing firmly in His existence, Lordship and Divinity, and in His names and attributes. Faith in Allaah implies four things, whoever believes in them is a true believer. 1 – Belief in the existence of Allaah. The existence of Allaah is something indicated by reason and by man's innate nature, let alone the large amount of shar’i evidence to that effect.… Read more

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