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My Journey to Islam

"Priests & Preachers Coming to Islam?"


    Cat Stevens, Former Pop star


 Priests and Preachers Enter Islam 




 Scientist From Czech Republic Converts To Islam
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 Abdullah - From Hinduism to Islam


Shahid - Journey From Christianity



 Jerome Claire

How I Wrestled My Way To Islam














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Muhammad’s Biography (part 1 of 12): The Conditions of Arabia Prior to Prophecy

The Scientific World is turning to God

The First Pillar of Islam: The Muslim Profession of Faith

God’s Sole Right to Worship

God’s Preservation of the Sunnah (part 7 of 7): Summary
God’s Preservation of the Sunnah (part 7 of 7): Summary Description: The safeguarding and time sequence relating to preservation of the Sunnah…



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Preservation of the Quran

Preservation of the Quran (part 1 of 2): MemorizationDescription: The memorization of the Quran during the time of Muhammad, may God praise him, and its memorization today by millions of Muslims.By (edited by Glorious Quran, the Muslims’ religious Scripture, was revealed in Arabic to the Prophet Muhammad, may God praise him, through the angel Gabriel.  The revelation occurred piecemeal, over a period of twenty-three… Read more

The Authorship of the Quran

The Authorship of the Quran (part 1 of 3): The Words of a Human?Description: A look into whether the Quran could have been written by Muhammad himself.By (edited by it is proven that the text of the Quran has remained intact till today, how are we sure that that the words actually originated from God and not some other source?  This takes us to look at the authenticity, authority, or source of the Quran.Concerning… Read more

Did Muhammad Author the Quran

Did Muhammad Author the Quran?Description: Some proofs that Muhammad could not have authored the Quran.By Who authored the Quran?  Someone must have produced it!  After all, how many desert men have stood up in the history of man and given the world a book like the Quran?  The book has amazing details of past nations, prophets, and religions as well as accurate scientific information unavailable at the time. … Read more

An Unmet Challenge

An Unmet ChallengeDescription: The inability of Arabs during the time of the Prophet, the Arabs after him, and non-Arabs to meet the challenge of the Quran: to produce anything similar to it.The EvidenceInitially, the Meccan unbelievers said Muhammad is the author of the Quran.  God responded to them:“Or do they say, ‘He himself has composed this [message]’?  No, but they are not willing to believe!  But then, [if they deem it… Read more

The Prophecies of the Quran

The Prophecies of the Quran  Description: The fulfillment of the various prophecies in the Quran is a clear proof that it is from a Divine source.The Quran contains many prophecies that have been fulfilled, but in this discussion, we will limit ourselves to only five.[1]  The first two prophecies are noteworthy: unlike any other world scripture, the Quran prophesizes its own preservation under divine care, and we will demonstrate how it… Read more

The Challenge of the Quran

The Challenge of the QuranDescription: The Quranic challenge to produce a work similar to it, and the inability of its contemporaries to meet it.By Dr. Bilal Philips  The Quran is not only unique in the way in which it presents its subject matter, but it is also unique in that it is a miracle itself.  By the term “miracle,” we mean the performance of a supernatural or extraordinary event which cannot be duplicated by humans.  It… Read more

A Literary Challenge: “Bring Something Like It”

A Literary Challenge: “Bring Something Like It”Description: The role of style in meeting this Quranic challenge.Many people misunderstand the Quran’s literary challenge to produce something like it.  Many people assume it simply means writing something as “good” as the Quran.Because of this, many skeptics point out – and rightly so – that literary value judgments are highly subjective.  If someone says that he thinks a certain… Read more

The Miraculous Quran

The Miraculous Quran (part 1 of 11): My Path to IslamDescription: One of the leading Islamic personalities in America, Jamaal Zarabozo, discusses the miracle of the Quran, as how it played an influence in his journey to Islam.  Part One: An Introduction to this topic, along with a brief description of the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad. Opening StatementLet me state at the outset that, after being Muslim for many years now, if I were given… Read more

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