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My Journey to Islam

"Priests & Preachers Coming to Islam?"


    Cat Stevens, Former Pop star


 Priests and Preachers Enter Islam 




 Scientist From Czech Republic Converts To Islam
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 Abdullah - From Hinduism to Islam


Shahid - Journey From Christianity



 Jerome Claire

How I Wrestled My Way To Islam














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Human Rights and Justice in Islam

Abdullah ibn Umar
Abdullah ibn Umar At Shaykhan, halfway between Madinah and Uhud, the thousand strong Muslim army led by the Prophet stopped. The sun had begun to sink…

Prophecies of the Quran Addressed to Muhammad

An Unmet Challenge

Muhammad’s Biography (part 4 of 12): Persecution in Mecca



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The Style of the Quran

The Style of the Quran Description: The article addresses the major themes of the Quran, the topics it discusses, its style of presentation, and some points of comparison with their own scriptures for Christian and Jewish readers. What topics does the Quran discuss?  It covers various subjects.  Most importantly, it talks about the unity of God and how to live a which accords to His Will.  Other topics include religious doctrine,… Read more

An Introduction to the Quran (part 1 of 2): Organization and Meanings

An Introduction to the Quran (part 1 of 2): Organization and Meanings   Description: The Quran and the basic elements of its organization, the difference between the Quran and its translation, and a brief review of English translations, introducing the subject of Quranic exegesis. The Quran is the Muslim scripture, that is to say the scripture of the followers of Islam.  Islam is the religion established among the Arabs - a people… Read more

An Introduction to the Quran (part 2 of 2): Its Inimitableness and Language

An Introduction to the Quran (part 2 of 2): Its Inimitableness and LanguageMillions and millions of Muslims are absolutely convinced of the greatness and importance of the Quran, which is usually mentioned with epithets like “noble,” “glorious,” and “pure.”  What is it that so deeply moves the Muslim when reciting from the Quran, when seeing its verses, or when barely touching it?According to Islamic doctrine, the style of the Quran… Read more

The Nature of Revelation?

The Nature of Revelation?Revelation is where God imparts whatever knowledge He wills to those whom He chooses to receive it.  God gives this knowledge to them in order for them to convey it to whomever else He wishes.All the Messengers of God experienced revelation.  God says:“Verily, We have sent Revelation to you (O Muhammad) as We have sent Revelation to Noah and the prophets who came after him.  We had sent revelation to Abraham,… Read more

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